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Mr. D is a power storage engineer who worked for China State Grid for many years and experienced firsthand the power outage caused by a major earthquake in China. This experience made him deeply aware of the importance and urgency of energy storage and inspired him to found the watt cycle brand.

 In 2020, he founded the watt cycle brand in Shenzhen, China, with several colleagues in technology research and development. The name of the watt cycle brand comes from the admiration for Mr. Watt, a pioneer of the first industrial revolution, combined with the pursuit of sustainable energy cycles. The brand's philosophy is to contribute to society and allow more people to have sustainable energy supply, which is also Mr. D's original intention. Having experienced the difficulties of power outages, he deeply understands the importance of energy storage. The brand is committed to developing high-quality and high-performance energy storage products to meet customers' demand for reliable energy supply.

Initially, watt cycle products were mainly aimed at large-scale industrial energy storage and base stations in China. Later, Mr. D found that many people who needed independent power supply could not afford the high cost of energy storage kits. He believed that if everyone could not afford independent energy storage systems, then the meaning of this cause would be lost. So he began to lead his team to develop more practical and economical energy storage systems to make them more affordable for more people.

Watt cycle's energy storage products can provide reliable energy support and help customers save energy costs in homes, industries, or infrastructure. Mr. X and his team continuously innovate and improve products, providing customers with safer, more reliable, and efficient energy storage products by constantly improving the product development capabilities and stability.

In the future, the watt cycle brand will continue to focus on developing more convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy storage products to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy. Their products are designed to help people better respond to energy demand, thereby promoting sustainable development of society and the environment.

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